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Is This Assembly Appropriate For Public Schools?

Dassel-Cokato High School, Cokato, Minnesota

“There were concerns about the content of the Todd Becker message prior to the performance at our school. Over a two-week period, Keith worked very closely with me to ensure our needs were met as a public school. I appreciated Keith's personal, hands-on approach and willingness to tailor his message to keep things 'OK' in a public school-setting.”

-Dean Jennissen, Principal

Date Of Assembly: 10-1-14
Contact: Dean Jennissen
Phone: (320) 286-4100

Oakland-Craig High School, Oakland, Neb.

“We had our school board meeting last night and all feedback from students, staff, board members and administrators has been completely positive. Those that shared their thoughts were completely impressed with the assembly and commented on the Todd Becker Foundation's ability to not only reach the kids, but also referred their ability to 'walk the line' without stepping across it on the spiritual aspect of the assembly. This is very important in the public school setting and we appreciate your efforts in that area. I personally agreed with the feedback received and would like to thank the Todd Becker Foundation for presenting at Oakland-Craig High School.”

-Rusty Droescher, Principal

Date Of Assembly: 9-8-09
Contact: Rusty Droescher
Phone: (402) 685-5661

Doniphan-Trumbull High School, Doniphan, Neb.

“The Todd Becker Foundation's presentation was very powerful and touched many students in our school. Many were moved to tears throughout the presentation and reminded our students of life's vulnerability. The Todd Becker Foundation was very tactful and professional in their presentation and did not cross any religious boundaries. This is a presentation I think all students need to experience.”

-Mandy Buderus, Teacher & Student Council Sponsor

Date Of Assembly: 2-29-12
Contact: Steve Whitwer
Phone: (402) 845-6531

Southern High School, Wymore, Neb.

“The Todd Becker Foundation's presentation was well received by students, staff and adults from our community. As a high school principal I had some reservations about the possible religious aspects of the message. Prior to the presentation, I met with Keith Becker and found him to be very understanding of my position as a public school principal. He explained to my satisfaction how the program would operate. True to his word, he kept within the established boundaries.

-Steve Whitwer, Principal

Date Of Assembly: 10-16-07
Contact: Steve Whitwer
Phone: (402) 645-3226